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Subject intent:

Computing is a subject which equips learners with the skills and knowledge to use digital tools effectively. Computing combines ICT, Digital Literacy and Computer Science. It will allow students to develop their creativity by giving them requirements to create digital products. This will allow them to express themselves using suitable software. By studying Computing, learners will also gain the skills required to break down problems and create effective and efficient solutions. They will also understand that there will be more than one solution to a problem and be able to compare these solutions. Learners will also develop skills to keep themselves safe whilst using a range of technologies, including those using the internet. 

“Computing is a subject that all young people should learn in order for them to have a well-informed understanding of the increasingly digital world that surrounds them.” Royal society 2017 


GCSE Computer Science Examination Board: OCR

GCSE Computer Science Assessment Method: Two exams, each marked out 80. Each worth 50% of final grade.

Creative iMedia Examination Board: OCR Cambridge Nationals

Creative iMedia Assessment Method: One external examination worth 40% of the final grade. Two coursework units, totalling 60% of the final grade. Currently these are Creating a visual identity and Creating interactive media. 

A Level Examination Board: OCR

A Level Assessment Method: Two exams, each marked out of 140. Each worth 40% of the final grade. One programming project, worth 20% of the final grade. 

Where Computing can take you: 

By Studying Computing you will be opening a wide range of opportunities. You will be able study Computer Science in university to then specialise in an area, such as data Science, software engineering or hardware. Alternatively, you can use your understanding of algorithms and problem solving to pursue careers software development, other Sciences, Maths, animations, retail, manufacturing and many more. Computing can also take you down a more creative path such as a career in digital graphics, game design, video editing and digital sound creation.