Students are able to influence academy decisions through their involvement in Student Councils.  In Years 7-11 there are five House Councils

Representatives from all of the Houses are invited to sit on the Academy Council which operates to bring everybody together and allows views from all of the students in the academy to be heard.

A. What are House and the Academy Council for?

1. Councils of both types are to represent the views of the academy community, to discuss all concerns and to get things done.

2. House Councils can make recommendations and requests to the Academy Council and the Academy Council in turn can ask the Principal and staff if things are possible.

3. House and Academy Councils should be about more than “wish lists”. They should be concerned to help make the life of the academy pleasant and beneficial to all pupils and should ensure that pupils work together as well as discussing important academy issues such as teaching & learning or behaviour for example.

4. Councils can discuss any common concerns but individuals are never discussed. Feedback to the points raised by the students can be given during the meeting or in the minutes.  Action plans may be made to move forwards.


B. The Structure and Meetings of the House and Academy Council


1. There are five House Councils, one for each House for students in Years 7-11.

2. House Councils are made up of two representatives from each tutor group.  House Councils are chaired by House Leaders with prefect assistance.  Two students from each House are elected to go to the Academy Council as advisers.

3. House Councils meet at least once each term to discuss agendas. Any representative can ask for an item to be placed on an agenda.  Students must, therefore, use their representatives to make sure important concerns are brought up for discussion.

4. Tutor Group representatives are expected to report back Council business in Tutor Time and at assemblies using the minutes and feedback given.

5. The only staff at House Council meetings are the House Leaders and /or House Champion.  Other staff may be invited or request to attend to discuss an item.  They give advice but do not chair the meetings.

1. The Academy Council consists of students from each of the House Councils and selected prefects.

2. The Academy Council meets once a term to discuss items sent to its agenda by the House Council. The House Leaders will circulate agendas and minutes.

3. The Academy Council will be actively engaged to improve the lives of the students and the community.  Under the guidance of staff, it is envisaged that they will form ‘action groups’ for specific and time related projects.

4. The Principal, Vice Principals and Assistant Principals may attend the Academy Council meetings to give advice or answer questions.  They do not chair the meetings.


C. What Can Students Expect From the Councils?

1. Academy Councils are limited to advising the Principal and staff.  For example, they can suggest changes to academy rules but only the Principal and staff can decide whether to accept the suggestions.

2. Academy Councils should be concerned about student wellbeing and academic development as well as targeted agenda items on Teaching & Learning for example.

3. The Academy Council can arrange fund-raising events, the proceeds of which go to fund specific projects in the academy.

4. Academy Councils should keep students better informed about what is going on in the academy.  Academy Councils should listen and make sure the social side of academy life is good for students, e.g. if concerts are wanted, the Academy Council can arrange them.

5. Democracy involves give and take by all members of the community.  The Academy Council gives students a say in things that concern them and tries to be fair to all students but highlights where discussion areas are not accurate to academy facts.

6. The Academy Council will be supported in promoting their activities and to promote discussion on important issues.  They will be able to do this via assemblies, Tutor group notices and the Academy Newsletter.