As you know, the selection of subjects to study at GCSE level is one of the most important decisions of your life so far. Increasingly, you need to see this as a step taking you to your destination at the age of 18 and even 21 and beyond.

Mildenhall College Academy has always aimed to offer a wide range of subjects to students including the core subjects you must continue to study and an exciting range or other subjects including creative and practical subjects and new ones such as psychology. Please choose carefully as these are courses that you will study for a number of years and will heavily influence your next steps at 16, 18 and beyond.

There are some things you should remember:

  1. Your working life will go far beyond the jobs available today – so think long term!
  2. Be realistic and ambitious – do not settle for being less than you are capable of.
  3. You will be studying these courses for 2/3 years so make sure you choose subjects you are interested in and/or have a passion for.
  4. Your friends won’t sit exams or attend interviews for you so choose what is right for you.

Students with special educational needs will have the same choice as all other students and will enjoy continuing support. We shall discuss alternative options for any student, where we feel it would be appropriate, on an individual basis.

With such a wide degree of opportunity a great deal of careful and informed thought is needed before making final choices and we are here to give you as much help, information and support as we can.

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