Rationale for Careers Education and Guidance and Work-Related Learning

Careers Education and Guidance & Work-Related Learning make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life, in order to help them make a successful transition to adulthood.

A planned, tailored and progressive programme of activities and interventions supports learners in choosing pathways that suit their interests and abilities, help young people to follow a career path and manage the transitions of their working lives.

Aims: Our aim is to help learners, through careers and work-related activities and interventions, to be able to:

  • Develop their understanding of themselves in relation to future learning and employment opportunities
  • Learn and experience careers and the world of work
  • Develop their career management and employability skills


Careers Leader
Mr Goodenough is the named careers leader at MCA – he can be contacted via main reception or by email: richard.goodenough@attrust.org.uk

Alternatively you can contact Mrs Jane Seaney our Careers Administrator via email: jane.seaney@attrust.org.uk

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Speakers for Schools

We’ve partnered with  Speakers for Schools, the largest social mobility charity in the UK, aiming to level the playing field for state schools and colleges by opening doors to fully funded inspirational talks, an online book club and work experience.

Our Pathway Partnership has been specially designed to provide high-quality employer engagements and will give students access to timely experiences to expand their horizons, support their personal development, and help them make more informed career decisions.

Unsure about your career direction? Check out Speakers for Schools Career Personality Quiz and discover a world of opportunities tailored just for you.

We Provide the following exciting activities for all year groups:

  • Employer Workshops – from time to time there will be workshops from a range of different employers. Please keep an eye on the daily notices for a chance to sign up.
  • Enrichment Day activities – there are opportunities for our students to sign up to a range of enrichment day activities. Please keep an eye on daily notices for more information.
  • Visits to Careers Fairs – meet local employers, colleges and universities to gain information.
  • Visits to Local Employers – Usually offered to students in small groups.
  • Careers interviews (upon request) – there is a sign up list in the House Office. All students can request an interview with the academy careers adviser.

The Baker Clause

The Baker Clause is an amendment to the Technical and Further Education Act 2017 which states that schools must allow colleges and training providers access to all students in years 8- 13 to tell them about non-academic routes which are available to them.

The provisions made at Mildenhall College Academy are covered by the Careers Strategy and Programme of study.

In summary, all students at Mildenhall College Academy have opportunities to learn about opportunities to access alternative routes to employment, including vocational qualifications and apprenticeships via readiness curriculum activities which include; SKL lessons, assemblies, tutorials, external speakers, Friday Futures, work experience and careers fairs.

Information for Employers looking to engage with MCA

If you are a business looking to support student’s at Mildenhall College Academy then please contact Mr Goodenough who will be able to respond to your request. You may be able to offer a work experience placement or talk to a group of students about your particular industry.  Richard.goodenough@attrust.org.uk

Or alternatively you can contact Mrs Jane Seaney, our Careers Administrator via email: jane.seaney@attrust.org.uk