Due to Covid-19 clubs and activities are currently suspended but below is an example of the sort of clubs and activities that we run regularly.

Quality Enrichment

At Mildenhall College Academy all students in Years 7-13 participate in our world-class enrichment programme. Our aim is to nurture and develop each student and we therefore build into our curriculum an entitlement to enrichment and extension experiences. This is delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Timetabled music lessons: Weekly peripatetic lessons available to every student delivered by expert specialist teachers. Instruments can be provided to all students involved in the programme.
  • Careers provision: Regular visits to and talks by employers from a wide variety of local, national and global industries. University and FE visits, apprenticeship workshops, timetabled lessons to explore lifelong learning and the world of work and work experience in Year 12.
  • Workshops and visiting speakers to school: Trips and visits that are specifically linked into the curriculum.
  • Extra-curricular opportunities and activities: A comprehensive weekly timetable including lunchtime and after school activities.

In addition, we also work to identify individual student needs and provide specialised and targeted support to ensure all students reach their full potential. This support can take many forms including literacy or numeracy tuition, EAL support with a dedicated expert member of staff or access to pastoral programmes including working with our community support worker, Mental Health Support Staff, Human Toolbox, Draw and Talk, Thrive and Stand Tall.

Cultural capital is addressed through all areas of the academy, in our curriculum and embedded in our culture and ethos. We recognise that for students to aspire and be successful academically and in the wider areas of their lives, they need to be given rich and sustained opportunities to develop their cultural capital.  This is addressed through each subject area, as we build in an entitlement to cultural capital that will:

  • Be formally taught as part of the curriculum.
  • Be delivered through our enrichment offer; activities which may unlock or extend understanding
  • Be targeted; where students may be invited to a specific intervention to ensure they are not disadvantaged educationally or experientially

Our comprehensive careers, education, information, advice and guidance programme, part of our dedicated Skills for Life lessons which also incorporate PSHEe, begins in Year 7 and each year group take part in a range of learning experiences that aim to challenge stereotypes, develop an understanding of the world of work and enable students to feel fully prepared to take their next steps and for life beyond our academy and sixth form. Students benefit from working with a range of local employers and an independent careers advisor (Year 7 onwards). Our careers programme is delivered through a combination of whole-academy and faculty-led activities, ensuring that careers education is embedded within the curriculum and adheres to the Gatsby Benchmarks

At Key Stage 5, students have a timetabled session, co-ordinated by the Vice-Principal Pastoral and the Assistant Principal Sixth Form. These sessions cover a wide range of topics including PSHEe, CEIAG and cultural concepts and are primarily designed to develop students into active and conscientious members of society. Students also attend individual sessions with their Personal Tutor and these sessions are designed to ensure a smooth transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5, support academic success and applications to university, apprenticeships and employment and strong personal development. The sixth form Prefect team and ‘Student Voice’ group (comprising of both Year 12 and Year 13 students), both meet regularly to discuss, plan and enact sixth form social and charitable activities.

We offer a wide enrichment programme for all students.

This is updated termly. To assist with transport home we provide minibuses. If you wish to use the FREE transport home please sign up in reception by the end of break on the day you wish to travel.