Social Sciences Curriculum Intent:

  • To impart knowledge and cultural awareness that allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the world we live in.
  • To develop a range of skills that are necessary in everyday contexts.
  • To raise interest, engagement and aspiration within the Social Science department; leading to students being motivated to succeed in Sociology, Psychology & Criminology.


  • The ability to absorb large quantities of information (such as different sociological concepts and studies).
  • Analyse and evaluate information and ideas.
  • Make, develop and sustain a persuasive and well supported argument.
  • Make judgements leading to well supported and consistent conclusions.
  • Plan, structure and write Level 3 essays, demonstrating a sound ability to include knowledge, analysis and evaluation.


The Sociology faculty aims to develop a passion for sociology and an interest in society and the social laws that govern it.  Curiosity in the society in which we live is essential! Students will be engaged by the theories, issues and debates that sociology raises and the case studies and evidence used.  Students will develop their confidence to debate and offer opinions as well as improve a range of other key skills



A Level Examination Board: AQA (7191/7192) Specification for Sociology.

A Level Assessment Method:

  • Paper 1:Education with Theory and Methods
  • Paper 2:Family and Households; Beliefs in Society
  • Paper 3:Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

All 3 exam papers are sat at the end of Year 13

Where Sociology can take you:

The Guardian reported that “sociology graduates are found in a wide range of occupations, many sociology graduates are attracted to careers that centre on the challenges and demands that members of a society face”.
The Guardian – Careers

Sociology students often choose careers in: social services, education, journalism, criminal justice, welfare services, government, counselling, charities and the voluntary sector.