Subject Intent:

  • To impart knowledge and cultural awareness that allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the world we live in, and leads to politically aware citizens.
  • To develop a range of skills that are necessary in everyday contexts. ​
  • To raise interest, engagement and aspiration in the study of government and politics; which will lead students to succeed


A Level Examination Board: Edexcel

A Level Assessment Method: 100% Examination

Component 1:  UK Politics and Core Political Ideas

Component 2: UK Government and Non-Core Political Ideas (Nationalism)

Component 3: Comparative Politics – USA

There will be three 2-hour written examinations. Each one is worth 33% of the qualification and is out of 84 marks.

Where Politics can take you:

Politics is the broad, universal, and essential study of how governments, policies, and internal relations work. Politics plays a role in every country in the world, whether it be federal, democratic, communist or republic. It’s through politics that many important questions are answered, and global challenge are addressed – including human rights, poverty, equality, and welfare.

Politicians use their broad range of skills to stand up for what they believe in, and what’s right. Using their intelligence and communication skills, along with their powers of persuasion and charisma, politicians fight for the opportunity to occupy a place in government where they can make changes for good. Whether you want to become a politician, or you’re simply fascinated by the subject, studying politics will leave you with an arsenal of skills that will service you well in most careers.