Subject Intent:

To create an inquisitive and questioning mind on the techniques and messages that are inherent in the modern media.

  • To develop students confidence in employing a range of media – video (film/TV/ music video), blogs, website design, magazines, adverts and radio – to communicate ideas.
  • To cultivate the ability of students to express their ideas and opinions verbally and then in the written format of an analytical essay.


A Level Examination Board: OCR

A Level Assessment Method:

Paper 1 – Media Messages (2hours: 35% of total mark)

Paper 2 – Evolving Media (2 hours: 35% of total mark)

Non exam assessment (30% of total mark)

Where media can take you:

Nearly every company in Britain today has a media department – certainly every company has media engagement. This course will make you aware of some of the skills that would be needed and roles that you could play. Careers where an understanding of the tools of communication are essential – such as journalism, advertising, television, website design, music industry – build on the knowledge of this course. But so do more ‘traditional’ careers. There are teachers, lawyers, sociologists, actors, hospitality industry workers who have all achieved a good grade in Media A Level as a starting point.