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The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is designed to support our learners in all four skills- Listening Reading Writing and Speaking and enable them to have the confidence to thrive in their MFL studies. Teachers use a range of tasks in class to support progress in learning and some homework tasks use dedicated language programmes to enhance these skills.

KS3 French and Spanish
Students study 225 minutes a fortnight of French in Y7 and French and Spanish in Y8 and 150 mins of either French or Spanish in Y9- with only the 2 top sets studying 225 mins a fortnight.

Students are assessed on a termly basis. Students undertake a pre-assessment task and feedback is given so that students can act on this and close the gap in their learning for the assessment. Assessments are usually in the form of a reading task, translation and/or a written piece of work in the target language. End of Year exams test the students in more depth across the topics they have studied.

French and Spanish
Students in KS3 and KS4 study a range of topics such as talking about themselves and family and friends, free-time activities, food and diet, technology, health and fitness, employment, holidays to shopping and human rights.

GCSE French and Spanish
Depending upon the course of study in KS3, most students either study 300 minutes of French or Spanish per fortnight. Students cover topics already familiar to them in more depth- such as free-time activities and family- but talking about their relationships with people, for example. Students are also prepared by their teachers for the 4 skills of the GCSE exam with a strong focus on Writing and Speaking.

Assessment is half-termly and as in KS3 there is a pre-assessment task followed up by an assessment. This is usually a GCSE writing task of 40 words to begin with then 90 words and then for some students 150 words-if they sit the Higher paper. The End of Year 10 exam affords students the opportunity to sit all 4 skills and better prepares them for their Mock Exam in Year 11. In Year 10 and Y11 students work on the Speaking exam where they prepare and learn answers/techniques to Role Plays and Photocards and 3 General conversation topics.

The GCSE Exam is 100% final exam. There are Foundation (Grade 1-5) and Higher (Grade 5-9) tiers of Exam.

The GCSE Speaking Exam is conducted by the Teacher as examiner around Easter time in Y11. The remaining 3 skills (25% each) are taken during the timetabled GCSE Exam period.