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The Modern Foreign Languages faculty uses a versatile curriculum. We approach languages in an innovative way using a variety of motivational resources. Most of the lessons involve interactive software which can be teacher-created, taken from dedicated language programs or resources which are found on the internet. Students also have access to computers where they enjoy creating their own language presentations and recordings as well as being able to research and enhance their own knowledge.


Students study between 80 and 120 minutes per week depending on their ability.

Students are assessed on a half-termly basis. This can be a formal classroom assessment or as part of a project or presentation. The skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking are assessed at regular intervals.


Students study a range of topics from technology, health and fitness, employment, holidays to shopping and human rights.

Year 10

Students currently study French at GCSE. However Spanish is expected to be available to certain students in the future. Examining board, Edexcel.


Each term students study two topics and build on the structures and language they have learnt in KS3. However, it is possible to start a language from scratch if you are prepared to work hard. During the year, students will undertake at least one GCSE writing assignment and one speaking task which accounts for 30% of the grade. Topics covered are friends and family, media and sport, house and home, going out shopping, travel and festivities.

Year 11

Students continue to study French GCSE. Topics are School Life, Work and employment, tourism, lifestyles and the environment. Students will take one or two GCSE writing assignments and one speaking task which accounts for 30% of the GCSE. In the summer exam period, students sit a listening and reading paper which accounts for 40% of their GCSE grade.