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Subject Intent:

  • Design and Technology will prepare students to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world. Students will gain awareness and learn from wider influences on Design and Technology including historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors.  
  • Students will get the opportunity to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise. 
  • Design and Technology allows students to study core technical and designing and making principles, including a broad range of design processes, materials techniques and equipment. They will also have the opportunity to study specialist technical principles in greater depth. 



All students will be studying DT on a Carousel system. This means they study all aspects and disciplines of design; Resistant Materials, Graphics and Food Technology. 


GCSE Examination Board:  AQA  https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/design-and-technology/gcse 

GCSE Assessment Method:

Coursework (How it’s assessed): 

  • Non-exam assessment (NEA): 30–35 hours approx  
  • 100 marks  
  • 50% of GCSE 

Exam (How it’s assessed): 

  • Written exam: 2 hours  
  • 100 marks  
  • 50% of GCSE 


GCSE Examination Board: AQA  https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/design-and-technology/as-and-a-level/design-and-technology-product-design-7552 

GCSE Assessment Method:

Coursework 50% (How it’s assessed):  

Paper 1 (How it’s assessed): 

  • Written exam: 2 hours and 30 minutes 

120 marks  

30% of A-level Questions Mixture of short answer and extended response. 

Paper 2 

Written exam: 1 hour and 30 minutes  

80 marks  

20% of A-level Questions Mixture of short answer and extended response questions.