Educational medical event comes to Bury St Edmunds and they’ll need stomachs of iron.

Award winning medical road show stops at Bury St Edmunds this Summer giving students a unique insight into what lies beneath the skin. The event which was featured on BBC Dragons Den, Discovery Channel & Medicplayer is back out delivering live events following the global pandemic. 

During the event students will work with award winning human anatomist Sam Piri to dissect real organ specimens learning how the human body works and what happens in states of disease. The event is aimed at GCSE, A LEVEL & BTEC students as well as any other student aspiring to study health or biomedical related careers.

The organisers of Med-soc, which is touring the whole country have worked with over 1M young people over the last 5 years, and in various forms are the UK’s biggest medical society. Med-soc is the only live event where you will dissect real organ specimens as part of your pre-entry to health and medicine. 

Human Anatomist Sam Piri said “We’re excited to be back on the road with our live medical experiences after a year of closures, in the post-pandemic world healthcare and biomedical related careers will be more important than ever. Coupled with the UK now being an independent country supporting government, schools, colleges and universities to invest in our young people is of huge significance to me and my team. We have some of the best educational institutions in the world and were proud to be working in partnership with them.”

Both students and parents can attend the event which is taking place  on Saturday 2nd April 2022. 

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