Clubs and Activities

We offer a wide enrichment programme for all pupils.

This is updated termly. To assist with transport home we provide minibuses on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4.30 pm. If you wish to use the FREE transport home please sign up in reception by the end of break on the day you wish to travel.

Homework Club – every morning from 8:15 – 8:45 in the Library


  • Band (Room 61)

    Lego League (Room 72)

    Tennis (Astro)

    SEND Club (Room 34)

  • KS4 Geography Surgery (Room 36)

    Chess Club (Room 47)

    Flute Choir (Room 63)

    Enterprise Club (Room 52)

    SEND Club (Room 34)

    MCA6 Mindfulness Club

  • Voice Squad (Room 61)

    Board & Card Games (Room 40)

    GCSE PE Revision (Room 19)

    Games – Newmarket YFC (Room 37)

    SEND Club (Room 34)

    MCA6 Film Club (Room 24 or Lecture Theatre)

  • Beyblade Club (Room 13)

    Handball Yr 7 & 8 (Astro)

    Danceinvitation only (Gym)

    KS4 Geography Surgery (Room 36)

    SEND Club (Room 34)

  • KS3 Art Club (Room 27)

    SEND Club (Room 34)


After School

  • KS4 French Workshop (Room 66)

    KS4 Spanish Workshop (Room 67)

    GCSE Drama (Room 60)

  • Guitar Club (Room 61)

    GCSE Music Catch Up (Room 63)

    History Club (Room 48)

    Rounders (Field)

    Boys Cricket (Field)

    French Film Club (Room 66)

    Homework Club (Room 70)

    English Literature Revision (Room 44)

    MCA6 Health & Social Care Intervention Club (Room S20)

    MCA6 Maths Intervention (Rooms S2 & S4)

    MCA6 General Interventioninvitation only (Room S23)

  • BTEC PE Catch Up (Room 52)

    GCSE PE Revision (Room 19)

    GCSE Art Catch Up (Room 27)

    GCSE Maths Support (Rooms 4,5 & 7)

    MCA6 Intervention Club for Vocational Students (invitation only) (Room S20)

    MCA6 Maths Intervention (Rooms S2 & S4)

    MCA6 A Level Music Catch Up

  • GCSE Computing Catch Up  (Room 72)

    BTEC PE Catch Up (Room 52)

    DT Coursework & Revision (Room 24/25)

    Homework Club (Room 70)

    Girls Cricket (Astro)

    Atletics (Field)

    MCA6 General Interventioninvite only (Room S23)

    MCA6 Health & Social Care Intervention (Room S20)

    MCA6 Maths Intervention (Rooms S2 & S4)

  • GCSE PE Revision (Room 19)