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  • Iceland Trip
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    Lucy King presenting a bouquet to the Duchess of Cornwall

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  • Social Media Safety

    Dear Parents and Carers. How aware of your children’s use of social media are you? We need your help to ensure that our young people who are using social media are doing so safely. They need to know that there are risks of communicating with people unknown to them. They should ensure that their privacy settings are at their highest level and they should only accept friends from people they know as they would in the real world and remember "Stranger Danger". Any contact from unknown sources should be blocked and if necessary referred to the Police. A number of television soaps are currently raising the issues of young people sending images of themselves or others on social media. You could use this opportunity to ensure they know the risks associated. If you or your child are unsure about privacy settings or anything mentioned above please feel free to contact the academy for help. Ms S Byles - Principal
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