YEAR 7-10 Exams

Students will be prepared for all exams very thoroughly.  The exams will help us make decisions about the curriculum offer for each pupil next year including setting and potentially options.

In Key Stage 3 we help prepare the students for public exams by giving them the opportunity to sit exams in the same way that GCSEs are conducted.  This helps students manage the stress better when they are older.  Key Stage 3 students also have GL Assessments.  These tests are computer based and are benchmarked against pupils nationwide.  This enables us to see how much progress each pupil is making in comparison to their peers across the country.

In Key Stage 4 we prepare the students for public exams by giving them exams in Maths, English and Science.  All other subjects will be assessed during lesson time in exam conditions.

Advice for Year 11 exams:

Please arrive at least ten minutes before the start of the exam.

If you are going to be late, please inform the exams officer and report to reception on arrival at the Academy.

If you are unable to attend the exam, please inform the exams officer and provide the VALID reason in writing and signed by parent/carer, within three days otherwise you will be charged for the exam.

Ensure that you have ALL the necessary equipment for your exam.  You MUST write in black pen.  Check that your calculator works  and remember equipment such as pencils (for diagrams/graphs), protractors, set squares, compasses and rulers.

Further advice on helping your child study for their exams can be found here:

Parents guide – Helping Your Child Through Year 11

Use of Word Processors

There are a very small number of students who use word processors in examinations.  At Mildenhall College Academy the criteria for qualifications to consider the use of word processors is listed below.  The allocation is done in consultation with the SEN team, Exams Officer and Vice Principal (Curriculum and Attainment).  Where there is a need then this is checked against the latest guidance on access arrangements from JCQ or other appropriate bodies.

Process for use of word processor:

  • A need has been identified in the curriculum for a student to use IT to support their learning.
  • This need has been assessed by the SEN team and a decision to use IT for word processing has been discussed with the Vice Principal.
  • An agreement has been made with parents and teachers for this to be done in some or all of the students’ lessons.
  • The use of IT including word processing is evaluated after a suitable period of time (usually half a term) to ensure that the intervention is having impact and addressing the need.
  • The use of IT including word processing then becomes the normal working practice for that student in some or all of their subjects.
  • Word processing will then be allowed for all internal exams for example end of year exams and mock exams.

No student is allocated a word processor for exams who has not been through this process thereby ensuring fair access is enabled but not misused.