Able Gifted and Talented

It is now over five years since schools were asked to pay particular attention to gifted and talented students – to identify them and to ensure that their learning needs were met. This request resulted from continuing evidence of underachievement amongst the most able students in secondary schools. Considerable progress has been made during that period and schools should be congratulated on their achievements. The HMCI Annual Report (2005/2006) notes that teaching and learning for this cohort is at least satisfactory in the very large majority of the secondary schools inspected and in six out of ten they are good or outstanding. However, there is work still to be done.

At Mildenhall College Academy we identify our A, G & T pupils very early in consultation with our feeder primary schools, early benchmark tests and by teacher assessments. Pupils that have been identified are aware of their staus and are offered a variety of extended opportunities. The academy engages external providers to inspire our young people with activities that challenge them as well as taking pupils to county organised events for A, G & T pupils. Having these opportunities to work with pupils of similar ability on projects and activities continues to be most stimulating and exciting. Within lessons, staff plan to extend the learning of this identified group of individuals.

Our A, G & T Policy can be found on our ‘Policies’ page