Exam Results 2017

At Mildenhall College Academy we’re proud of the success of our students. We believe that we create a climate in which all students can achieve and we provide the motivation for continuing the drive for better and higher standards in order to prepare them well for the next stage in their lives. When our Sixth Form students leave us, we know they’ll be well equipped for achieving yet more success.


Key Stage 4

The number of pupils achieving higher grades continues to improve in the context of new national measures and examinations that are more difficult. More than half of our students achieved at least one A/A* or equivalent, demonstrating that pupils at Mildenhall College Academy are rising to this challenge and making strong progress. 2017 saw an astonishing increase of over 170 more A*/ A grades than the previous year which at the time had been a record year.

In English, 72% pupils achieved a grade 4 – 9 (equivalent C grade or above) and in Mathematics 68% achieved a grade 4 -9. Triple Science results continued rising to above national average in all 3 sciences.  More students are entered for Triple Science at Mildenhall College Academy than the national average.  Record results were also recorded in Double Science, Computer Science, Geography, History, Catering, Product Design PE and RE at GCSE.  At BTEC we had record results in all our qualifications notably in Business Studies, Dance and ICT.

25% of our students achieved the EBacc suite of qualifications, which includes English, mathematics, two sciences, a modern foreign language and a humanities’ subject.

The new Attainment 8 measure shows that standards across a range of key subjects are rising too and are now in line with national averages.  The new Progress 8 measure places the academy in the top range of schools achieving the national average.

We are very proud that our students successfully secure places in education, employment or training when they leave us.

GCSE Results Summary

  2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
A*-C English and Maths combined 43% 53% 52% 56%
Attainment 8 average grade D D D C
Progress 8 score -0.42 -0.30 -0.14 +0.05
% achieving the Ebacc 14% 17% 14% 25%

*2016/17 – Introduction of the reformed 9-1 GCSEs in Mathematics, English Literature and English Language


Education, Employment and Training after Key Stage 4

Destinations % 2012 /13 2013 /14 2014 /15
Overall sustained education, employment or training 92% 95% 94%
% Sustained Education 90% 91% 87%
% Sustained Employment/Training 2% 5% 7%
% No Sustained Employment/Training 6% 3% 0%
% Apprenticeships 0% 0% 3%
Unknown 1% 1% 3%


Key Stage 5

Post-16 results trend

  2014 2015 2016 2017*
Average A-level grade C C- C- C-
A*-E % 94.8% 98% 98% 99%
A*-C % 73% 77% 72% 59.4%
A*-B % 39.6% 44% 42% 31.2%
Average Applied General grade Distinction Distinction+ Distinction+ Distinction+
Applied General pass rate 100% 100% 100% 100%

* First year of the reformed, linear A levels.

The progress of our A level students is above the national average and the progress of our Applied General students is in line with the national average.



Education, Employment and Training after Key Stage 5

Destinations % 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17
Higher education institution 46% 52% 61%
FE college 5% 0% 2%
Apprenticeships 2% 3% 6%
Employment/training 13% 30% 13%
Unknown 34% 15% 5%


If you would like to see the DfE performance tables page for Mildenhall College Academy please click here


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