The Academy Committee meets termly to hear the reports from the Principal and to discuss matters of interest or concern. The Governors are responsible for the appointment of staff and for general oversight of the way the academy is working.


  • Composition

    The Academy Committee consists of representatives from the Academy Transformation Trust, parents, teaching/ non-teaching staff and the local community.

    Mr I Gray (Chair)
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Rev G Samiec (Vice Chair)
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Academy Transformation Trust Governor

    Mrs H Webber

    Academy Transformation Trust
    Suite 413

    Jewellery Business Centre
    95 Spencer Street
    B18 6DA

    Tel: 0121 7947275

    Further ATT Trustee information can be found here

    Community Governors

    Mrs L Bassett
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Dr J Brei-Crawley
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Mrs J Burke
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Mr P Kemp
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Mrs H Self
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Mr A Sheldrick
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Mr R Goodenough
    Mildenhall College Academy

    Parent Governors

    Mrs M Khan
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Ms K Abeyasekere
    c/o Mildenhall College Academy

    Teacher Governors

    Ms S Byles – Principal
    Mildenhall College Academy

    Associate Staff (Non-Teaching) Governors

    Mrs P Garrad
    Mildenhall College Academy

  • Dr Philip Kemp

    After graduating from university with a degree in politics, unsure of the next step, I visited a former school friend who had been admitted to a mental hospital with a serious mental illness. This experience led me into a career in the mental health field as a mental health nurse, mental health social work and a manager of mental health services. I moved into professional education and research, culminating as Assistant Professor in Mental Health Nursing. I recently retired early from this role and now combine some academic work with life as a smallholder. My main governor responsibilities are in relation to Pupil Premium and vocational programmes.

    Mr Andrew Sheldrick

    I am the School Fire Liaison Officer, a post which I have held for the past six years. I have been a full-time fire fighter for over forty years based at Bury St Edmunds until 2016, and I’m now on call as a Crew Commander at Mildenhall Fire Station.

    My role within the academy is providing student support, working in SEND, the BEST Area and also with students working towards their Youth Award course. I also organise a Fire Break Programme to help students with low confidence and self-esteem and encourage them to socialise with other people.

    I have been a Community Governor for the past three years. Being a Community Governor allows me to have a better understanding of how Mildenhall College Academy is run and seeing how all the students progress and achieve throughout their school years. My responsibilities within the academy are for Music, PE, Premises and whistleblowing

    PC Helen Self

    I have been a Community Governor for a number of  years at MCA and at Riverside Middle School prior to that. I work in the local community as a police officer
    and my role is Community Engagement Officer for Forest Heath. I have been a police officer for 22 years mainly working in the local area.

    I have two children one of whom is currently a Sixth Form student at MCA6. I really enjoy my role as Community Governor at MCA and this has allowed me to get an insight into how the academy runs on a day to day basis as well as attending various events and seeing the students winning awards. Also as part of my day job I enjoy working with the academy and have taken assemblies with the students raising awareness of issues in the community and wider. My responsibilities in the academy are for attendance, DT & Art, equalities, PREVENT (radicalisation and extremism), sex & relationship education and student behaviour.

    Dr. Jo Brei-Crawley

    Dr Brei-Crawley has been working in education for over 30 years.  She has worked in primary schools, middle schools, been an assistant principal and taught university courses.  She has a Master’s Degree in Administration and an Educational Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Currently Dr. Brei-Crawley is the Educational Technologist at Lakenheath Middle School.

  • Summary of Governors Attendance:
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