‘Working together; supporting individuals’

 The Principal’s mission statement is – “To make this an Academy that everybody is proud of”

The Academy’s aims are to:

  • Do our very best for each child
  • Provide opportunities for all children to succeed, ensuring that each child fulfils his or her potential in academic, social and personal life
  • Encourage the pursuit of excellence.  All children are expected to work hard and are set targets for improvement which are kept under constant review and communicated to parents
  • Celebrate achievement on a regular basis through our rewards system
  • Offer a curriculum which  meets the needs and aspirations for all young people
  • Offer a full programme of enrichment and extra-curricular activities, with transport home every night for those living outside of Mildenhall
  • Build partnerships with parents to obtain the best for our children
  • Foster an ethos which encourages social responsibility and respect for different cultures, celebrating diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all.
  • Create a  happy community  where each individual has the right to respect, to feel safe and secure and to learn without disruption
  • Listen to student and parent opinion and ensure that we respond positively to suggestions for improvement
  • Ensure that young people leave school with the knowledge, skills and ambition to succeed in modern Britain and to compete in the global labour market.Promoting British values is fundamental to achieving this and that is why we continue to ensure that the Department for Education’s five part definition of British Values is delivered not only across the curriculum but also in all of the additional opportunities students at MCA have outside of the curriculum, in the local community and globally. The core values are:

• Democracy

• The rule of law

• Individual liberty

• Mutual respect

• Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs